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+# Download
+Get the latest mcabber release from the [official website][mcabber]. It's
+usually a bzipped tarball, for example `mcabber-0.9.10.tar.bz2`.
+Untar it:
+    % tar xvjf mcabber-0.9.10.tar.bz2
+    % cd mcabber-0.9.10
+# Install
+Note: if you do not want to make a system-wide installation, you can use the
+`--prefix` option.
+    % ./configure
+    % make
+    % make install
+OpenBSD users: you'll probably want to add `--enable-sigwinch` as there is no
+default SIGWINCH handler.
+# First run
+You could launch mcabber with no configuration file, but then you would have to
+set the options manually. The simpler way is to copy the sample configuration
+file provided with the source tree:
+    % mkdir ~/.mcabber
+    % chmod 0700 ~/.mcabber
+    % cp mcabberrc.example ~/.mcabber/mcabberrc
+Now, edit the configuration file. You need to set your username and server (or
+only the `jid` option, starting from mcabber 0.10.0). (Note: if you want to use
+SSL/TLS encryption, have a look at the `ssl_verify` or `ssl_ignore_checks`
+Ok, you should be able to launch mcabber now!
+# It's running... Now how does it work??
+The mcabber screen is divided into 4 regions. The **roster**, alias
+**buddylist**, is on the left. The **chat window**, or chat buffer, is on the
+right. The **input line** lies at the bottom of the screen, under a small **log
+window**. Two status lines surround the log window. The bottom status line is
+the "main status line" and reflects mcabber general status. The other line is
+the "chat status line" and shows the status of the currently selected buddy. To
+display buddies chat buffers, you will have to enter [[Chat_Mode]]. You can
+enter _chat mode_ by pressing enter, and leave _chat mode_ with the ESC key.
+Simply sending a message will also enable _chat mode_. Use PageUp/PageDown to
+move inside the roster.
+Take a look at the small [User Guide][userguide] to get a quick overview.
+All commands in mcabber have an online help (use `/help` or `/help command`)!
+# Configuration etc.
+Read The (F) [Manpage][mcabber_man] for more details, and the [sample
+configuration file][sample_rc] to see all the available options. You can use the
+online help (command `/help`). If mcabber's help files have been translated into
+your language, you can set the corresponding `lang` option (see the config.