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 Creates new ssl object for use with connection.
 You can specify server key fingerprint, callback function for error handling,
 both, or neither. Though, fingerprint should go before callback function.
-SSL fingerprint is a string like '01:23:45:67:89:AB:CD:EF:FE:DC:BA:98:76:54:32:10'.  
+SSL fingerprint is a string like 'SHA256:ABCDEF123456...' (or
+'01:23:45:67:89:AB:CD:EF:FE:DC:BA:98:76:54:32:10' for LM versions, older than 1.5.3).  
 **Arguments:** string (optional ssl fingerprint), [ssl callback function](#ssl.callback.function) (optional)    
 **Return values:** userdata ([lm ssl](#lm.ssl) object)  
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 <a name="lm.ssl.supported"></a>
 ### lm.ssl.supported
-Indicates if SSL is supported by loudmouth library.  
-**Return values:** boolean  
+Indicates if SSL is supported by loudmouth library and what kind of
+ssl fingerprint is used.  
+**Return values:** nil or string ("MD5" or "SHA256")  
+<a name="ssl:ca.path"></a>
+### ssl:ca_path
+Set path to trusted ssl certificates. Argument must be a name of a PEM file
+or a name of directory with hashed certificates.  
+**Arguments:** string (path)  
+<a name="ssl:cipher.list"></a>
+### ssl:cipher_list
+Set list of allowed ciphers (colon-separated). Names may vary depending on ssl
+implementation in use.  
+**Arguments:** string (cipher list)  
 <a name="ssl:fingerprint"></a>
 ### ssl:fingerprint